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What Is Herpes? - Melanie Addington
The disease Herpes caused by viruses called herpes simplex, which is available in two types. One that particularly gives sores around the mouth (coldsores) and one that especially gives sores on the genitals (see Herpes Genital). The disease is not fatal, but it is important to go to your doctor if you think you have herpes. Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection, as more and more Danes. According to Ultimate Herpes Protocol program, herpes can be treated, but it cannot be cured - once you have got the, you have the body for life. One can get both ointments and pills that can mitigate the outbreak, but they cannot cure herpes. The medicine should take as soon as you can feel an eruption is coming. Talk to your doctor about what will be best for you.

How Does Herpes Look Like?

Even if you have infected with herpes, it is not certain that you get symptoms. Up to a third of Denmark's population infected with herpes, and many know it is not even. For some it may take many years before they develop symptoms. However, when symptoms come, there typically are pin-sized buds around the genitals or anus, and within a few days, they develop into small blisters, stings and burns. Later bursting bladders dries out and becomes sore that does not leave scars. Therefore, the disease is "erupted". The first outbreak is usually the worst - you may feel uncomfortable as with a flu, have a headache, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and sore everywhere etc.

How Do You Get Herpes?

According to Melanie Addington, herpes is transmitted through mucous membranes or skin cracking - that is, by ordinary intercourse, oral sex or anal sex. Cold sores on the lips can also transfer herpes to the genitals - and vice versa. Herpes does not infect through blood or semen, nor by drinking from the same glass, use the same towel or swimming in the same pool.

Who Can Get Herpes?

All having sex. Do not believe the myths that herpes affects only those who live a life with many partners and wild sex. There is no reason to be ashamed about having herpes. Herpes is not hereditary.

How Long Does A Herpes Remain And How Often They Come Back?

An outbreak usually lasts about a week. The first outbreak may last a bit longer. Half of those who have had herpes eruption get after the first outbreak in a new course of a year. Some get many outbreaks; others get only one throughout life. Click here to visit Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review ship program.

How to Protect Themselves against Herpes?

Condoms are the best, but as herpes course also appear elsewhere than on the genitals, one cannot be sure. You live in a committed relationship with only one partner, one has herpes, one must together find out periods during which you have to use a condom.Alternatively, you can learn from Ultimate Herpes Protocol E-Book.

When Contagious Herpes?

You can both infect others, while herpes is erupting and while it is "dormant". It is most infectious when there is blistering, and for a year after the first outbreak, and here it is especially important to use a condom.
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